3 ways to enjoy
the outdoors
in lynchburg

Mandi Bender
April 2019

Mandi Bender Get Outside 3.jpeg

Here at New in Lynchburg we care about your overall well-being. We are committed to providing a multitude of different activities to enjoy from what Lynchburg has to offer your body, mind and soul.

Personally, as a college student at Liberty University, I love to get outside. Not only does it save me money, but getting outside in Lynchburg has afforded me countless memories with some of my best friends.

One of my personal favorite ways to get fresh air is to walk or drive up to the Liberty University monogram. Set your hammock up or open your car trunk and enjoy a breathtaking view of Lynchburg from as far as the eye can see.


Before you get up there though, don’t forget to bring a few of your favorite snacks, a good book, or your laptop to watch a fun movie. And blankets. Blankets are a must on top of that breezy mountain.  

Another way I have found peace outside this year is taking a weekend to hike to some waterfalls. Setting up a picnic blanket and taking in rare silence around me has helped me relieve the stress from my week and start fresh. A few beautiful spots for waterfalls in the area are Panther Falls and Crabtree Falls.


Lastly, a nice drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway has been a favorite outing of mine this year. My friends and I pull over and take in the beauty of the rolling mountains. We get out and set up a blanket, bring a packed lunch, our bibles, some books, and most definitely a camera to capture the awe-inspiring scene.

I hope you are able to get outside this spring in Lynchburg and take in the beauty around you!