Tips for Decorating during the Holidays

Selena campbell


If you like the idea of quick, simple and inexpensive decorating for the Holidays, or even if you prefer the more elaborate, I think you’ll find some of my tips helpful and gain some inspiration to use to in your own home.

I used to spend days decking the halls of my home. DAYS! Several years ago, I condensed the ridiculous amount of totes containing a very vast array of décor and decided to do things differently. The stress that came with the countless knick-knacks and such had become too much for myself and my family. While the décor items may be fewer, our home isn’t boring or lacking Christmas cheer or coziness. 


Tip #1:

Evergreens are a classic Christmas staple with garlands and wreaths being the most popular uses for them. Live greens are beautiful and cascade perfectly, however can be rather pricy. Using faux can be just as pretty if you buy the right the type. Be sure to use ones that appear the most realistic. Wired branches are best because you are able to “fluff” which makes them appear fuller. A trick I use is to snip evergreens from my yard to add to my faux garlands to achieve the look and for FREE! If you don’t have access to live evergreens, check the scrap bins of businesses selling real Christmas trees. Some will allow you to have them at no cost while others only charge a minimal fee.


Tip #2:

Adding a few pillows or throw blankets that coordinate with the existing color palette is my next tip. Changing out every pillow isn’t necessary and neither is changing your everyday color scheme. Christmas décor isn’t limited to the classic red and green any longer. Pillows and other accessories come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns nowadays. You can see in my own home that just a few pillows, assorted greenery and trees gives the room a festive feel without a lot of Christmas themed objects and such.


Tip #3:

My favorite thing about Christmas décor is the LIGHTS! Clark Griswold would definitely agree with me on that one. While I wouldn’t recommend going crazy with the lights in “Sparky” fashion, I do recommend using them on the mantle, around doorways and few unexpected places for fun, such as battery-operated strands strewn onto a table or in a lantern. Have fun with it and be creative!


Tip #4:

This tip is one of my favorite little “secrets” which doesn’t only apply to Christmas décor, but for any time of year. Have an inexpensive decorative object that you love but the color is just all wrong for your space? Spray paint is such an inexpensive way to change the look of an item. I love saving money by using pieces I already own by spray painting them to match my neutral palette. I’ve even bought new pieces off of the clearance rack with the intention of spraying them. If you haven’t already tried this concept, trust me it’s a game changer. 

Tip #5:

A pretty and festive tablescape may appear time consuming and unachievable to the decorating challenged type. However, a beautifully decorated dining table is quick and perfect for entertaining friends and family. Decorate it once and leave it that way for the entire season. You’ll be ready for guests or even a nice dinner “just because” with the family. 


I always begin any tablescape with a base layer such as a tablecloth or runner. Use a pattern or print that coordinates with the existing room color palette. Next, I choose a second layer such a tray, cake stand or even cutting boards. Layering this way add visual interest and gives the appearance that the effort put into the décor was more extensive than it was in reality. 


Next choose items with height for the third layer. I used 3 faux trees placed in geometric vases and adorned with battery operated fairy lights for this tablescape. Cedar clippings from my yard are tucked in between the trees. A pair of geometric ornaments on either end of the centerpiece provides the next layer. Using objects that are shorter than your centerpiece is the goal here. I chose 4 gold votive candles and jingle bells haphazardly strewn about to finish it off. Plate chargers spray painted gold and black to match my table, napkins of the same colors with differing patterns and snips of rosemary complete the look. This entire project took less than 20 minutes and with the guideline I’ve provided anyone can pull this off. Spending a little time on the appearance of the table is a great way to make an impression on guests and is a nice way to make them feel special. Add place cards for an extra special tou.


Thanks for stopping by New In Lynchburg and for checking out my post. I hope you were able to find some inspiration and are able to take my tips and use them when decorating your homes! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you and yours will have a safe and happy Holiday season!

About the Author:

Selena Campbell is the owner of Middle Sister design. She is a Lynchburg native and started her business here 2 years ago. Selena specializes in interior decorating with a more modest budget in mind. She also has a blog where she shares her decorating tips as well as recipes and diy’s. She is a regular instagrammer and has a growing account where she participates with other design enthusiasts within the Instagram community. For more inspiration like this, follow her on Instagram at middlesisterdesign or on her blog at


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