A Day in the life of a college student in lynchburg

Victorie Norman
February 2019


Going to college in Lynchburg is fun. The city is up and coming with a lot for young adults to do. This is convenient because going to college is hard work and having ways to relax is important. I attend college at Liberty University, however, I bet my day is pretty relatable to many students in Lynchburg. This is an example of an average Tuesday in my second semester of college.


8:15am – Most college students start their morning with a dreaded sound coming from their phone, forcing their eyes to pop open in alarm. For me, this happens a little after eight.

8:30am – After playing on my phone for a bit, I decide it would be a good idea to get ready for the day. I do the essentials: brush my teeth, do my hair, makeup and put on something other than my PJs.

9am – My friends and I will sometimes visit Blue Ridge Bagels to eat breakfast and catch up. I absolutely adore the egg and cheese sandwich on a french toast bagel. This sandwich has two of my favorite childhood breakfasts in one! I always enjoy spending time with my friends and starting my morning off in a yummy way.

11:15am – I have my first class of the day: screenwriting.


12:30pm – Once my class gets out I go to my school’s dining hall to eat lunch. I’m finding that in college being an “adult” becomes real. So I use this time to answer emails and take care of other important tasks. If I get all of those done, I reward myself with some Netflix until my next class.

2:15pm– I arrive at my second and last class of the day: audio production.

3:30pm– After my final class lets out, I make sure to get my mid-afternoon coffee fix while I begin working on homework. My favorite shop off campus right now is Bean Tree Café. It is quaint and cute. I usually get an iced vanilla latte. I use this time to work on the online journalism course I am taking and enjoy my coffee.


5:30pm – Yoga is one of my favorite forms of exercise, so I try to go to a yoga class at least two times a week. On Tuesdays my college offers 45-minute vinyasa yoga classes in the evenings. After yoga, I get a quick dinner at the dining hall. 

7:00pm– I attend Bible study at a friends house. It a nice time of fellowship with an opportunity for night time tea.

10pm – I usually get back to campus around this time and I start winding down for the night. I catch up with my roommate and plan for the next day. I go see what some of my friends that live in my hall are up to and hang out with them for a few minutes.

11:30pm – I finish up last minute homework and get ready for bed by watching Netflix, usually until I fall asleep.

This is just a Tuesday in college for me. Thankfully, I am able to fill my day with fun activities as well as classes. Lynchburg has some fun opportunities for college students.