10 Great date night ideas in lynchburg, va

natalie rogers

Looking for the perfect date night idea in the Lynchburg area? Here at New in Lynchburg we've compiled 10 great date night ideas to do in the area. Our website is full of great night ideas, make sure to check out the rest of the site to get inspired! 


Get Dressed Up & Go Somewhere Fancy

 A romantic Lynchburg dinner date with your love is always a great way to spice up some great conversations and enjoy each others company. Our Fine Dining page has a list of restaurants in the Lynchburg area that'll help you do just that.


Treat Yourselves To A Couples Massage

Take a break from the craziness of life and book a couples massage at one of the many Spas in the Lynchburg area.


Book A Romantic Getaway in Lynchburg

Everyone loves to getaway, but sometimes we can't afford to actually leave Lynchburg. Why not just book a romantic getaway right here in our city? There are many different Bed and Breakfast and Hotels to choose from right here in the Lynchburg area. 


Go Outdoors

Grab some blankets and pillows for the ultimate stargaze or picnic, get your hiking boots out for the hike of a lifetime, or get that tent out for a camping date. Whatever you do, take a disposable camera and capture pictures of each other all day! Here are some outdoor places to go to explore in Lynchburg.


An Evening At Your Love's Service

Build a fort, go camping in the living room, and make some dinner for your love. Whatever you decide to do for your person, make sure you're serving the person you love the most tonight. Do something they love today and spoil them to the fullest!


An Intense Video-Game or Board Game 

Get some take-out food and spend the night playing video games with your love. If they're not into video games, then play some board games instead! Just hangout like kids, and enjoy each others presence while having fun trying to complete a mission together or trying to beat them in an intense game session. 


Winery Or Brewery 

Lynchburg has a variety of different wineries and breweries in the area for you to take your special someone out to on a date. Check out our list of wineries or breweries to figure out where to take your date.


Try Something New

Lynchburg is full of different things to do. From shooting ranges to movie theaters, from exercise classes to arts & crafts, or even Lynchburg Salsa to riding bikes around the area! There are also so many different colleges in the area with all sorts of sports to watch! For a list of some things to check out, visit our Date Night Page.



Go Back To Where It All Began

Maybe it was a restaurant, or maybe it was at a college? Wherever you guys fell in love, try and go there or at least recreate 'there'. You'll never know what might happen if you go back to where it all began, and see how far you two have come together.


Coffee Time

We know it might sound cliche, but having a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop might actually help you and your love communicate. Even if you don't like coffee, you can still go and order a tea or something else. The point is not what you're drinking, but who you're drinking it with. There are so many coffee shops to choose from in the Lynchburg area.

For a list of all the things to do in Lynchburg, VA for Date Night make sure to check out our Things to Do in Lynchburg pages. Also, if you're looking for a restaurant to try for Date Night you can look through our Restaurants in Lynchburg, VA.

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