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natalie rogers

There are so many times where families want to spend time together, but do not know what to do. That is why we created a list of some family fun night ideas for families of games to play, and activities to do together any night of the week! 


Board Games

You can never go wrong with playing board games for your family night! Here's a list of some ideas, but know there are so many games to choose from if none of these are a fit. Some games to choose from might be: Apples to Apples. Clue, Code Names, Old Maid, Cranium, Uno, Life, Sorry, Candy Land, Catan, Monopoly, or Twister!


Make homemade food

It's never a dull night when you get the kids together to make homemade pizza or ice cream. Honestly, if pizza and ice cream aren't choices for you guys, you can make anything homemade! So grab some aprons, gather your ingredients, and have a blast dancing to music and making food with your family for family night.


scavenger hunt

There are many different scavenger hunts you can find online to do with your family. Travel around town, or stay at home while embarking on a scavenger hunt that will make your family night fun. 


Movie night

If you don't feel like running around or being active, you could opt instead for a laid back family fun night, and just choose a movie, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a movie night! Have everyone write the movie they want to watch on a small piece of paper, crumble them all up, and pick which movie to watch without looking. That way, if you're like my family, and can never decide on a movie to watch, random chooses its fate! 


build a fort

Building a fort might seem like a mess to clean up afterwards, but it's always a fun process to make it, so the mess is worth it. (You can even get the kids to help pick up the mess!) Clear some space in your living room, and get to work constructing a fort together. Read a book, eat dinner, watch a movie, or play board games all in the fort you built together!

Image Source: Lynchburg VA Rocks Facebook Group

Image Source: Lynchburg VA Rocks Facebook Group

lynchburg rocks

Lynchburg Rocks is dedicated to painting and hiding rocks to unify the community. Rocks are painted (by people in our community) and hidden around Lynchburg for fun. All you need to do to be a part of this is find some rocks and painting supplies, and then get creative with your artwork! Once your rock is painted, go hide it somewhere in Lynchburg. Don't want to paint a new rock? Go look for hidden painted rocks in the community, there will be plenty to find. 


Make a bird feeder

Springtime is a great time to make a bird feeder. There are plenty of sites like Pinterest, and how to sites that will help you figure out how to make the perfect bird feeder with your family for family fun night! 


waterballoon fight

Waterballon fights are always fun no matter who you're playing with, but why not play with your family? Buy some waterballoons and fill them up with H2O and get ready to have a blast with your family (There are even glow in the dark waterballoons for playing at night)! Grab some things to protect yourselves from one another and have at it! 


arts + Crafts

Arts and crafts is always fun, especially for the little ones. Get some scissors, construction paper, markers, etc., and get to creating a craft. Don't know what direction to take your arts and crafts? Make sure to check online for ideas of what to create! 


star gaze

Explore the universe's stars with the family. Take a break from the craziness of life and spend some time just soaking in this beautiful  place we live in. Lay in your backyard, or check out your local park. There are so many places in Lynchburg, VA to stargaze! 



Don't have any board games? Get everyone laughing and united through the game of charades. If you've never played charades before it's quite simple, create a list of words or pick a theme you'd like to use to play the game, whether it be a list you created yourself or found online. Divide the family into teams and have each team take turns acting out and guessing their word(s) for points. If the word isn't guessed in the amount of time you guys have designated then allow the other team to guess and steal the point! The first team that reaches whatever amount of points you guys designated prior to the start of the game, wins! 


play flashlight tag

Don't just play the typical version of hide and go seek, instead, grab a flashlight and play flashlight tag! The easiest way to play flashlight tag is to rotate the person who is "it". The person who is "it" counts to 50 and then tries to find everyone hiding. When "it" finds someone they flash their flashlight on that player and now they are "it." You can even make your own unique rules as a family! Either way, definitely give this game a chance if you have a park nearby or a backyard/home big enough to play in.


watch the sunset

I know this is quite simple, but watching the sunset with your family might be a great chance to sit still and just enjoy each other's presence. It gives you all an opportunity to talk about things and laugh with one another. It helps you guys just take a second to stop running around checking off your to do lists, and just focus on enjoying one another's company. 

Here are just a few family fun night ideas to do this Spring. For more things to do as a family right here in Lynchburg, VA, check out our Family Activities Page. You can also check out all the local things to do in Lynchburg, VA on our Things to Do pages.

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