Holiday travel tips

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Every year family members get excited about seeing their dearest relatives for the holiday season. But, with all the excitement there can also be stress regarding traveling. So, the New in Lynchburg Team came up with some Holiday Travel Tips just for you to help ease the stress, so you can embrace the holiday season with eagerness and joy!


don't procrastinate

Waiting for the last minute to book hotels, airline tickets, rental cars, etc. only hurts your bank account and adds stress. Don't wait, book your tickets ahead of time.


safe proof your home

Something usually forgotten is preparing your own home for optimum safety before your departure. Make sure all the back doors are locked, all the stoves are off, all the candles are out, and that anything else that may cause problems is taken care of. It's better to be safe than sorry later. 


carry a map

Don't go anywhere without your map (or iphone these days). You don't want to get lost. Don't put put yourself in a stressful situation at a time where you should be stress free. 


pack lightly

Pack wisely and lightly. You don't need everything in your closet. Your family members just want to see you, not all the amazing things you want to fit in your suitcase. But, don't forget to always pack a snack or two (or more for the kids). If it's possible fit everything in a carry-on, you don't want to be stuck without your items/clothes during the holidays.


bring your camera

You always want to document all the great memories that occur this Holiday Season. So, don't worry about being the annoying family member taking a million photos. Make sure to enjoy the present, but also create memories that you can see in photos that last a lifetime. Oh and don't forget your charger for this camera or for the phone you'll be using to capture these memories.


make a list

One of the worst parts of traveling is leaving important items behind whether it's toothpaste or a toothbrush. Make sure to save some money by making a list a week in advance of what you need to take on your trip. You'll be surprised how many things you won't forget then. 



leave on time

There's nothing worst than being at the dinner table in front of a hot meal and having to wait for family members to show up before eating. So, leave the house early. Don't wait.


remember you aren't the only one

Others are trying to be stress free too. So, when you're out and about traveling, be nice. People are stressed, people are anxious, people are worried. You aren't the only one, so treat others as you'd want to be treated. A smile from a stranger when stressed out can go a long way!


stay hydrated

We know that most people don't think twice about this tip and that it usually gets thrown out, but we advice you to stay hydrated while traveling. There's nothing worst than fatigue, decreased alertness, or headaches due to dehydration on a trip. 

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keep your cool

No matter what, enjoy whatever the holiday season throws your way. Life's always going to throw you hardships, but in the midst of those hardships enjoy the sweetness of laughter and smiles from the ones you love and whom love you back. 


Just like life the holiday season is always full of surprises. Don't let yours be a stressful one. Use our tips to help make your Holiday Travel as stress free as possible. And remember enjoy every second of it, breathe in and out when you get anxious and worried, life's too short to sweat the small stuff. Laugh and smile a lot this holiday season because you took the proper steps to make yours as stress free as possible. Happy Holidays everyone from the New in Lynchburg team! 

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