how to get into the holiday spirit

stefanie colson & laura dunneback

The holidays just seem extra magical when you have little ones in your life. I love the excitement that the holidays bring to my little guys. Not only are they excited about the presents, but they are excited by the wonder of Santa and getting together with family and friends. Its enough to make me want it to last all year. But since it can’t, we try to make the best of the time we’ve got. Here are our favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit.


Obvious, right? Well, I’m not talking about the sweater you got for Aunt Edna. I’m talking about really giving a gift that can change lives. Consider giving gifts to shelters, or other facilities around your area that help to take care of others in need. What a great thing to see your generosity really affecting those around you!


Serve others.

Giving time can be even more valuable than money. Get involved in programs near you that serve meals, or provide another service to people who need it. This is also a great way to get your kids involved! When your kids are old enough, they can certainly help prepare meals, sort clothing, or package goods to be sent to people in need.


Take time for friends and family

This time of year gets so busy! Sometimes we run from house to house to check the boxes of visiting these people on the day. What if we took the time to spend quality time with them throughout the season? If you make time now, you will be less stressed to fit it all in later. Sometimes visiting family can be stressful, but try to slow down and be present in the time you have together.


Enjoy the simple things.

One of our favorite family traditions is this little Christmas tree farm way out in the country. It takes a minute to get there, but when you arrive you can’t help but be swept up in the holiday spirit. There is no cell service there while you cut your own tree down with a saw. Then you can warm up by the firepit outside with a fresh cup of warm cider. Bliss.


Keep perspective.

I know that just realizing the holidays are coming might be giving you a panic attack as we speak. However, try to remember the real reasons behind the holidays you celebrate. Remember that the time you have with family and friends is more precious than any of the latest trendy gifts. When things like travel plans or meals go wrong, remember that there is a bigger picture. For some, the holidays are a source of endless magic, and for others they can be a headache. I hope this year you are able to let satisfaction and gratitude color your holiday season.


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