last minute gift ideas

josh rose


Sometimes Christmas just sneaks up on you. If you find yourself in a crunch for time, check out these last minute gift ideas from New in Lynchburg.

Magazine Subscription – Buy a single copy of a magazine you think they would like, then go online or fill out the subscription card for the rest of the gift. Most grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations have some magazines – plus they are open during the holidays. Don’t forget the bow…


Other Subscription – You can go online and sign up for a plethora of different subscriptions. There are monthly deliveries of cosmetics, food, natural products, or fun gear, all of which make a great gift idea. Options exist from a one time delivery, to an annual supply. If you only have a rough idea what a person may be into, the surprise of a subscription may be the perfect gift.


Gift Card – You can buy a gift card just about anywhere. But instead of just buying a flat amount, look up the price of a specific item you think they would like. Then put that amount on the gift card (don’t forget to add for tax). Then just write what you think they should use the money for in the card. It is a quick gift, but shows a little thought.


Cash – Everybody loves to get cash, but don’t just stick it in a card. Here are a few ways to make it fun.  Kids love the visual impact of getting “lots” of money. Instead of a larger denomination bill, give them all one dollar bills. Kids also enjoy the novelty of getting one dollar coins (most banks can get you these if you ask). Put the money in something other than a card.  Some options are inside a mug, a new wallet, a piggy bank, a box of cookies or candy, funky socks, etc. Or if you want to be funny, wrap it in a gag gift for some laughs.  Money always is a good gift, just take that extra step.


A Vacation – You can plan a vacation to escape the winter cold and use it as a Christmas surprise. Print out copies of any reservations and trip details along with finding some pictures or videos showing off the trip. Then you can wrap it up like a present. This also works well for your budget if you don’t have quite enough money for every aspect of the trip, but can afford things like the flight or tickets now. 


Visit the Grocery Store – The next gift ideas are available at a grocery store. If you are really down to the last minute, this may be all that is open. Don’t fret because there are lots of options.


Scratch Lottery Tickets – It’s simple and fun. Choose an amount from $1 and up; there are many different cards available.


Coffee or Tea – People love quality coffee or tea. Forget about the mug and get an assortment of fancy grounds or unique teas. You can do this right at the grocery store on Christmas Eve!


Cast Iron Skillet – I love cast iron skillets. They make a great gift for any adult and will last forever! They usually sell them at grocery stores and big box stores. Go with Lodge brand, they are well priced, quality, and made in the USA. 


Kitchen Knife – For a young adult of the list, a quality kitchen knife can be a great gift. Go with the best 8” Chef’s Knife that is in your budget. If you only have one good knife, this is the one type to get.


Fancy Spices, Salts, or Oils – If you have someone that loves to cook or bake, getting a fancy spice, salt, or oil can be a great gift. They are available at the last minute at the grocery store, can be put in a bag, and will be appreciated by the chef or baker that you know.


Winter Kit – Buy some mittens, fun lip balms, a hat, a scarf, hot chocolate, etc. Then put it all together for a fun, practical gift.


Fancy Soaps – There are options from hand soaps to bath soaps, but these can make a great gift. One can never go wrong with lemon scented soap.


Candy – Kids love candy. One of the staples of children’s presents in the past was candy.  Don’t overlook this great gift. Even the gas station has candy on Christmas morning. Buy an assortment, wrap it up, done.    


Snacks - People love snacks.  Make your own assortment of snacks to fit the personality of anyone. Here are some examples: Kid – Assorted Candy, Pringles Chips (they love the tube), small sized sodas, and small bags of popcorn. Teen Boy – Doritos, Energy Drinks, and Beef Jerky.  Adult – Fancy meats and cheeses.  Health Nut – Organic Hummus, Multi Colored Baby Carrots, Kombucha, and Kale Chips. 


I hope these tips help you get that last minute gift and make it something they will appreciate!

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