Local Coffee Shops in Lynchburg, VA

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If you're like us you're always looking for a comfortable spot to grab a cup of coffee. Coffee shops have become popular places to read, study, and even work. Lynchburg has many coffee shops located all throughout the city. Below is a list of coffee shops in Lynchburg where you can sit, relax, and have a great cup of coffee.

1. Bean Tree Coffee

Bean Tree is the place you go to when you're looking for a sleek modern environment. Besides a great cup of coffee, Bean Tree has something for everyone. Offering a full menu of sandwiches, salads, desserts, and smoothies that'll keep you coming back for more. 

2. Dublin 3 Coffeehouse

Dublin 3 Coffeehouse is fairly new to the Jefferson Street Community. It is a great place to relax or work while having your favorite cup of coffee. They pride themselves on being a comfortable place where you can get your coffee and just hang out. There's no pressure to leave, just stay all day and sip away.

3. Third Wave Coffee

Third Wave Coffee is a newer coffee shop located just outside Lynchburg in Forest, VA. Serving coffee from countries and farmers across the globe, it's no wonder why everyone wants to stop for a moment each day to enjoy a cup of their delicious coffee. You can grab a cup to go or sit in one of their comfy couches to get some work done.

4. The Muse Coffee

This coffeehouse is located in Wyndhurst. They are all about bringing forth community to the masses and its obvious every time a customer enters The Muse. Stop by and enjoy their coffee or grab a tasty sandwich while you work or study.

5. The White Hart Cafe

If you've ever been around Downtown you've heard of The White Hart Cafe. It's always been a great place for poetry readings and live music in Lynchburg. They roast their coffee on site so that you always receive a fresh cup when you go to their coffee shop. Stop by, take a seat, get some food or just some coffee, and know it's safe to get some work done here. 

6. 5th St. Grind

This is a fairly new coffee shop that is located on 5th street in Downtown Lynchburg. This local shop is a place for the people, by the people. They are dedicated to cultivating a community through their coffee. If you haven't checked them out be sure to give them a try! 

7. Black Water Coffee

Black Water Coffee Company offers 2 different coffee shops in the Lynchburg area. One is located in River Ridge Mall while the other is located on 221 in the Aylors parking lot. They roast their specialty coffee fresh every week right here in Lynchburg. They strive to provide a cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy your cup of coffee whether its to enjoy in house or on the road.

8. The Drowsy Poet

The Drowsy Poet is a coffeehouse and cafe that serves a great menu with a lot of variety and daily specials. They're known for their milton milkshakes along with the feel of The Drowsy Poet. This place is perfect if you just want to relax, hangout and read your favorite book or even get some work done. They strive to make sure you feel your business is appreciated.  

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