movie marathons for this summer

natalie rogers


If you're anything like me, you love to watch a good movie when you have some down time. Summertime hopefully means a bit more down time for most of us. Here's a list of some movie marathons you can watch on your own or with your family!


Marvel Series

The Marvel Universe is large and intricate with 19 movies released in the last 11 years. Summer is a great time to get to know the whole story so you can know what's going on when the new ones come out! We recommend starting with Iron Man and working your way all the way through to the newest Avengers movie that came out this April. Make some snacks and and start from the beginning to enjoy the movies to the fullest. 


The Lord of the Rings

Although these three movies are quite long, they are many people's favorite movie (and book) series. Join Frodo in his adventures as he seeks to destroy the One Ring that has been lost for centuries. Will he be able to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom where it was forged!?


Nicholas Sparks Movies

Here are some movies you do not have to worry about watching in order—and good thing, because there are more than 10 currently out! Yes, they're all about romance, but if you like those type of movies, these are for you. We can't have only action/adventure movies on our list! 


Harry Potter

This eight-movie series is one of the most popular franchises ever. If you enjoy action, adventure, and friendship, you will love this epic story about a boy and his friends defeating evil to save their world. If you haven't watched Harry Potter, you're missing out—so use this summer to see what you've been missing!


Star Wars

If you haven't seen Star Wars, what are you waiting for?! Since Disney bought this franchise, they have a whole bunch of new movies and shows set to come out in the next few years. We recommend that you watch the movies in the order that they originally came out, and then catch up on the newest ones. This is an epic space adventure in which the Jedis and the Rebel Alliance fights against the Galactic Empire to save the universe from evil. 

Toy Story

Toy Story is a classic series that both you and your children will both love. This is a series about the secret life of toys that come alive when people are not around. Follow Woody and Buzz as they journey through Andy's room and beyond. This one is definitely a must-watch. There are three movies currently out, and Toy Story 4 comes out in 2019.


The Chronicles of Narnia

This movie trilogy is based on the classic, influential novels by C.S. Lewis. These epic tales follow the lives of three children and their journey through the fictional world of Narnia that is filled with magic, animals that can talk, and adventure. 

Back to the Future

The original Back to the Future movie came out in 1985, and two more came out in 1989 and 1990. These classics are just as good today as they were then. Travel with Marty (Michael J. Fox) as he is accidentally thrown back into time in the DeLorean, a time machine created by an eccentric scientist named Dr. Emmett L. Brown. Watch as Marty tries to make it back to the future without altering his family's timeline.


Ice Age

This series is a kid favorite that parents will love too! An animated film centered around an odd group of animals attempting to survive the Ice Age, this movie will give you laughs and feels all at once. These 5 movies (with possibly more coming in the future) will keep your kids busy for a while.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Jonny Depp plays an eccentric pirate named Jack Sparrow who travels throughout the Caribbean battling against pirates and the English Navy. There are currently five movies out and one in the works and are perfect for binging over a weekend!


Jurassic Park

Although this series was recently rebooted with Chris Pratt, we also recommend watching the classics, too! This story revolves around an attempt to make a theme park with real dinosaurs. When the dinosaurs break out and cause mayhem throughout the land, brave individuals must save humanity.



Anyone who grew up in the early 2000s knows how great these movies are! They are perfect for young kids and parents alike. This animated film is about an isolated ogre named Shrek who reluctantly befriends a group of animals and saves the day. You will love to laugh through these four great movies.


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