Rediscover lynchburg: Jefferson STreet

rey gonzalez

Over the past few years Downtown Lynchburg has grown tremendously with new businesses opening up all the time. This can be seen the most on Jefferson Street. This cobblestone street that used to be full of empty warehouses is now a vibrant district that includes businesses, restaurants, loft apartments, and event venues. 

If you haven't made it down to Jefferson Street over the last few years, the transformation has been incredible. Jefferson Street has attracted an exciting and diverse group of businesses. Here are some of the places that have made Jefferson Street a true destination in Downtown Lynchburg:

Downtown Lynchburg has seen a large amount of growth over the past few years. And there are more things to do in Lynchburg than ever before. If you are new to Lynchburg, or you've lived here a while, make sure you rediscover Downtown, you may be surprised what you find.  

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