end of the school year survival tips for moms

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Here at New in Lynchburg, we understand how difficult it can be to survive the end of the school year as a parent. We wanted to provide some tips on how to handle the stressful moments that come up this time of year, with your little ones!

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Plan summer events

If you are worried about having a whole summer with all the kids back at home and how you’re going to entertain them, plan some summer events, like getting involved in sports, going camping, or taking a couple day trips! Starting your research before the school year ends will help you be prepared for days that might seem endless!


Take advantage of the outdoors

Now is the perfect time to spend some time outside! Whether there’s a little rain, or lots of sunshine, there’s plenty of activities to do outside, including hiking, visiting parks, walking trails, or simply soaking up the sun. You don’t have to wait for summer to officially begin before spending your time outside and you'll be able to get some healthy Vitamin D and exercise!


Keep up with a schedule

It will be helpful to keep your plans in order, including family events, date nights, or any recurring weekly plans (a workout class or play-date). This will help you keep track of the days, so you don’t get lost in the openness of summer. This would also prevent planning two things on the same day! One way to help keep up with a schedule is to create a calendar, which is mentioned next.


Create a calendar

This could be a fun project to do for yourself or with your kids! If your kids are in school, you can go through putting those last school events on your calendar so none are missed by mistake. You can also set up some play dates with your kid’s friends so they will have other children to play with once school is over. Overall, a calendar can help keep you up-to-date with events and stay on that schedule you created.


Find a great summer babysitter (Treat Yourself!)

Splurge and put some money aside for a summer babysitter! Doing this will help someone else have a summer job, while you will have the opportunity to go out on dates, take some time to yourself, or allow you to go out with your friends without worry! Having someone there at least once a week or so for a few hours will help you not go crazy as a mother, since you’ll be able to enjoy the summer just as much as your kids!


Figure out a game plan for "me" time

Don't just get a babysitter and figure out "me" time when they arrive. Be intentional about this time! Make a list of all the things YOU want to do during your "me" time this summer. Whether it's for date night or just time to yourself at a cafe reading a book, make sure to make a game plan for "me" time before the kids get off of school for the summer. For a list of some date night ideas check out our Date Night page.


Make a budget   

While the school year is ending, before the summer starts, set aside some money to take a trip or do fun activities with your family. Making a budget can help you see how much would be safe for you to spend, allow for plans to be made, and help you not spend more than you have! If you don't have a budget, we understand so make sure to check out our Free Things to Do in Lynchburg, VA page for some ideas!


Try a new hobby        

Why not plug yourself into a new hobby before the summer hits? That way you're not trying to find something fun to do with the kids running around. Lynchburg offers plenty of classes on painting, dancing, cross-fit, yoga, sewing, etc. You can also plan to learn something new on your own! Take the time, so that maybe when your kiddos are napping, to try gardening, sketching, painting, scrapbooking, or even watching a video on how to do maintenance on a car. It can be anything!


make a list of all the things you want to do this summer with the kids

While the sunshine is out, and the joy of summer is still around you, express that excitement through making plans to try new things and expanding your interests. Make a list of all the things you want to do this summer with your kids (forget about how expensive they are). Once summer hits start knocking off all the ones you can afford and keep the ones you can't for maybe next summer!


Check out our resources

Sometimes money can be tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! You can check out our Kids Eat Free Guide, Free Things to Do Page, and Family Fun Night Ideas to get some ideas on what to do here in Lynchburg with your kiddos!

Hopefully these tips will help you during the closing of the year, and be a reminder that even though it can be a stressful and busy time, there are ways to make it through without going crazy! Don’t forget that the end of the year also means summer is almost here, and there will be plenty of opportunities to have relax and have fun with the kids!

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