spring Outdoor Activity IDeas in lynchburg

Victorie Norman
March 2019

Spring Outdoor Ideas (2).jpg

After a bitterly cold winter, it is finally feeling a bit warmer despite a couple of bouts of snow. During the warmer days, many people feel desperate to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. As a college student who grew up in the Southside of Virginia, I have to say that most outdoor activities around here are not new to me; however, since being in college, I have learned to put a twist on things and make new fun. Here are four outdoor activities that you might enjoy!

Picnic at the Park

Picnics always bring me back to my childhood. While stressed out from school, jobs, and everything in between, it is nice to relive some childhood memories. Gather up close friends and grab some sandwiches, chips, blankets, and a football, and head out to one of Lynchburg’s many parks. Sit on the grass and relish in the time outside. Getting out of the dorm and experiencing the fresh air is a great change in pace especially, as the school year gets hectic. Who knows, the bright sunshine, green grass, and tasty food may give you the perfect idea for that impossible paper you’ve been trying to write for the past few days or inspiration for a new art project.

Friends + a Photoshoot

Lynchburg has many great places for fun photoshoots. Gather your friends up in their favorite spring clothes and head out for a fun photo op. This is a brilliant way to spend a weekend. Downtown Lynchburg has many wonderful spots, including brick walls and aesthetically pleasing shops, that make for the perfect Instagram pic. The Lynchburg college love sign and Old City Cemetery are also classic spots to snap amazing shots.

Coffee Atop a Cliff

There are so many great hiking trails around Lynchburg with beautiful scenery at the top. Sharp Top is one of my favorites with a very rewarding view. Looking over the Blue Ridge Mountains early in the morning after a long hike is very rewarding. Make some coffee beforehand, bring it in a Thermos, and after the hike sit and appreciate the mountains while you sip your coffee. Also, hiking is a wonderful way to wind down from a busy day and enjoy the sunset. In the evening, tea or decaf coffee might be a bit better so that you aren’t up all night.

Hanging in a Hammock

Hammocking can be done just about anywhere! After being cooped up inside for weeks, it can feel nice to see the world come alive and people come out to enjoy the sunshine. Hang a hammock or an Eno in-between two trees and grab your favorite book to read, doodle, or just fall asleep in the warmth. Also, another fun way to add to your hammock time is to bring a portable speaker and have a mini jam session while swinging between trees.

Lynchburg has a lot of delightful outdoor activities that can help you get away from the hectic atmosphere of your job or campus. Try one or all of these to relax, have fun, and spend time with friends. Enjoy the beautiful weather that lies ahead.

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