Where to hide the Christmas presents

josh rose

I think one of my dad’s favorite parts of Christmas was keeping the big presents a secret, then with the element of surprise in place, revealing them in a dramatic way. One Christmas our eyes lit up and faces burst with excitement when we walked into the living room and each had a shiny bicycle. Another time my dad managed to hide a giant T.V. from us for about a month. This was before the svelte flat screens of today. He coerced some friends to help him lug that heavy monster up and down the steep stairs, keeping it away from prying eyes. I will always remember my dad’s reaction during the gift giving, I think he enjoyed it as much as we did. If you have a present or two to hide, read below for some ideas.

Small Presents


Small presents are pretty easy to hide with a little creativity.  Even if you have really sneaky family members, some of the ideas below should work.

Kitchen Cupboards - If the present is small, you can usually find a spot in the kitchen. Almost every kitchen has those gadgets or decorative items that never get used. You can put the item in something, like a decorative bowl, or behind something you know will not be moved. Nobody likes to reach in the very back of the bottom shelf!


In a Pocket – Most people have a coat, shirt, or other clothing that sits unused in the closet. You might as well use those pockets for something. This works great for jewelry, gifts cards, and other small items.


The Pantry – You can use a food container to avoid suspicion. If you have a favorite cereal for example, take the bag out of the box, drop the present inside, then put the bag back in. 


Your Car – If you don’t think the house will be safe, hide the present in your car. There are a lot of nooks and crannies in the car. From under the seat, the bottom of the center console (under all the junk), to little spots in the trunk or cargo area, a car might be a good solution.

Medium Presents

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When the presents get a little bigger, it can be more challenging to hide them. 

With the Christmas Decorations – What do you do with the boxes and totes that held the fake tree, lights, decorations, ornaments, etc.? You put the presents in them… Once they are empty, they go back in storage, you won’t need them again until after Christmas, so they make a great hiding spot.


In Plain Sight – If you live in a small space or don’t have any hiding spots, you can hide them in plain sight. Wrap the presents and even put them under the tree, but put the wrong name on the present.  People know the size and weight of the present they asked for so it really throws them off when things don’t add up…  Just don’t forget to change it back to the right name!


In the kids closet – If you are hiding a kids present, use their own closet. Most kids can’t reach the top shelf in their closet (plus all the boring stuff is up there). So conceal that present with a sheet, blanket, or boring box and hide it where they will never look.


At Work – If you have an office, desk, locker, or other spot at work, this may be a great spot to hide that present for a few days. If it is out of the way, it shouldn’t be a problem with your boss. Plus you can buy the present on your lunch break or on the way in and no one will be the wiser. 

Big Presents


The big presents require extra care and planning.  I found out later in life that my dad had that big T.V. for a while before Christmas. He hid it in his room so my parents could watch it at night… With the right planning, you can hide even the biggest presents.

Storage Unit – A lot of people have a storage unit or know someone who has one. If you are hiding a bike, a kayak, or any big gift, the perfect spot may be with the storage. There is no chance that the kids will see it and if you are hiding something from your spouse, just switch the lock to be on the safe side.


Wait to Pick It Up – Many places will allow you keep an item at the shop after purchase. Big box stores are an exception, but if you order online, there is usually a pick up timeframe of about a week. Shopping at a locally owned store will usually get you better options. If you explain it is a gift, they will try and work with you. Then you only have to hide it for a day or so.


Someone Else’s House – My dad hid three new bicycles for weeks at a family friend’s house. They were a retired couple and there was no chance for the secret to be spilled. He had a lot of fun surprising us kids with the bikes, and the couple had the joy in being part of the surprise. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member for help, it works for you and can be fun for them too.

I hope those ideas help you outwit your family of sleuths this Christmas!


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