Welcome to Lynchburg!

People come to Lynchburg for school, work, or family, and stay because of the low cost of living and a high quality of life. This moving guide will help you learn everything you need to know about Lynchburg!


About Lynchburg

Lynchburg is a quiet city that's nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the James River. Boasting the combination of Southern charm, relative isolation, and diverse people moving to town, Lynchburg has a unique atmosphere. The multiple colleges and low cost of living attract the young and the young at heart. 

  • Lynchburg's population is approximately 80,000, but including the neighboring communities it is around 250,000. 


  • The cost of living is about 91% of the national average.


  • There are a full four seasons in Lynchburg. Summers are relatively warm and humid, with winters being much shorter and warmer than in the northeast.


Where to Live

There are a number of great areas within the Lynchburg area to settle down. Explore a few of these communities below to help you begin your home search. 



Downtown Lynchburg continues to grow and has become a great place to live if you want to be near the action. Bike trails, restaurants, coffee shops, and more are all within walking distance.  Check out one of Downtown's streets called Jefferson Street in our Rediscover Lynchburg blog.



Mixing grand historical houses with the energy from students at Randolph College, Rivermont is a desirable area to live in Lynchburg. There are a number of local restaurants and shopping hubs in the area to discover. The close proximity to the hospital attracts many healthcare professionals. 



Just outside of the Lynchburg City limits is the town of Forest, in Bedford County, VA. Forest is one of the fastest growing communities in the entire state. It is currently ranked #6 for the best places to raise a family in Virginia. 



Cornerstone is a new and growing community that includes apartments, condos, and single family homes. Its close proximity to Liberty University, new construction, and growing amenities are bringing in college students and baby boomers alike. Check out our Rediscover Lynchburg blog for more details on Cornerstone.



This well planned development has a balanced mix of shops, restaurants, businesses, and housing. Those who call Wyndhurst home have enjoyed steady growth since it's inception. The central location and pleasant vibe draws professionals and families to settle here.

Getting Around

There are many ways to get around Lynchburg. Here are a few to help you discover your new city.


Lynchburg Airport

The Lynchburg Regional Airport connects to nearby hubs, offering a convenient way to fly to wherever you want to go. Easy access and short lines make this airport desirable.  



Like most small cities, Lynchburg has low traffic, meaning most residents have short and traffic free commutes. Once you understand how the main routes (501, 29, & 460) connect, driving is not difficult. It takes, on average, 17 1/2 minutes to travel across Lynchburg. Even those living just outside the city can easily find everything they need.  


Public Transit/Bus Station

Lynchburg has both a public transit system and a bus station. Both are accessible to all areas of the city. The location of the bus station is close to Downtown and gives residents options to get around easily.


Train Station

Lynchburg's train station offers passenger service to many major cities across the U.S. Washington D.C. is a popular destination from Lynchburg; the journey takes about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. 

Major Cities within Driving Distance

Roanoke, Virginia (1 hour)

Charlottesville, Virginia (1.5 hours)

Richmond, Virginia (2 hours)

Williamsburg, Virginia (3 hours)

Washington D.C. (3.5 hours)

Charlotte, North Carolina (3.5 hours)

Virginia Beach, Virginia (4 hours)


Hospitals and Healthcare

There are two main hospitals in the Lynchburg area, Lynchburg General Hospital and Virginia Baptist Hospital. Both hospitals are in the Centra system and provide services for a variety of general and specialized needs. There are many local Physicians networks, Optometrists, and Dentists in the Lynchburg Area. Finding great health care in Lynchburg is not difficult.     


Important Contact Information



  • American Electric Power (AEP)
    • appalachianpower.com
    • 1-800-956-4237

Water and Sewer

  • City of Lynchburg (Water Resources)
    • lynchburgva.gov/customers
    •  434-455-4250

Natural Gas

  • Columbia Gas
    • columbiagasva.com
    •  1-800-543-8911

Trash Service

  • City of Lynchburg
    • lynchburgva.gov/trash-collection
    • 434-856-2489


  • Verizon
    • verizon.com 
    • 1-800-922-0204
  • Shentel
    • shentel.com
    • 1-800-SHENTEL
  • Comcast
    • xfinity.com/locations/virginia/lynchburg.html
    • (888)-266-2278


Public Schools

  • Lynchburg City Schools
    • lcsedu.net
    • 434-515 5000
  • Bedord County Schools
    • bedford.sharpschool.net
    • 540-586-1045
  • Campbell County Schools
    • campbell.k12.va.us
    • 434-332-3458

Private Schools

  • Liberty Christian Academy
    • lcabulldogs.com
    • 434-832-2000
  • New Covenant Schools
    • newcovenantschools.or
    • 434-847-8313
  • Timberlake Christian Schools
    • tcs4u.org
    • 434-237-5943
  • James River Day School
    • jrds.school
    • 434-384-7385
  • Desmond T Doss Junior Academy
    • desmondtdoss.org
    • 434-237-1899


  • Lynchburg College
    • lynchburg.edu
    • 434-544-8100
  • Randolph College
    • randolphcollege.edu
    • 434-947-8000
  • Central Virginia Community College
    • centralvirginia.edu
    • 434-832-7600
  • Liberty University
    • liberty.edu
    • 434-582-2000


  • Start with the DMV section for those who are moving to Virginia here
    • dmv.virginia.gov/moving/#/moving/newva.html
    • You can learn about the process, time frames, locations, and review frequently asked questions.