best healthy restaurants in lynchburg, va

Looking for the best healthy restaurants near Lynchburg, VA? Find them here! If we missed any of your favorite healthy restaurants, feel free to let us know



1124 Church St. Lynchburg, VA 24504  (434) 386-8998

Crisp is an assembly line style service restaurant featuring highly customizable Salads, Wraps, Juice and Smoothies made fresh, with locally sourced and ecologically sustainable ingredients. 

Flying Elephant Pastries

1223 Campbell Ave. Lynchburg, VA 24501 (434) 229-0706

Flying Elephant Pastries is Lynchburg's first and only 100% Gluten Free restaurant. Now those requiring and desiring gluten free dining will be able to do so safely and deliciously with the gourmet food of T&E (Tim and Evita).

The Leaf Creative Salads

112 A Cornerstone St. Lynchburg, VA (434) 534-3119

Balance what you eat, drink and do. The Leaf Creative Salads serves lunch, dinner, and drinks. Good for kids and offers outdoor seating, take out, and walk-ins. 

Millie's Living Cafe

1701 Enterprise Dr, Lynchburg, VA 24502 (434) 616-3621

Millie’s Living Cafe embraces wellness and shares their knowledge of nutrition using real foods from the cleanest and most wholesome sources. They provide the Lynchburg community with life-enhancing, nutrient-dense nourishment of the highest standards.

Muscle Maker Grill

3920 Wards Rd. Lynchburg VA 24502

Muscle Maker Grill does not sacrifice taste to serve healthy options. Now, guests can have delicious, nutritionally balanced food without the regret. More than just food, Muscle Maker Grill restaurants are a friendly, relaxed and social environment where guests can enjoy great-tasting food and engage with fellow health enthusiasts in their area.


1103 Church St. Lynchburg, VA 24504 (434) 851-2727

Urbavore is a small counter-service venue, located in downtown Lynchburg, VA. Urbavore serves whole food, plant-based interpretations of our favorite foods; burgers, sammiches, soups, and Mac + Cheese.