Discover CraveABLEs: Lynchburg’s Newest Ice Cream Delight

Lynchburg has welcomed a heartwarming new addition to its community: CraveABLEs Ice Cream Shop. Located at 2608 Lakeside Drive, CraveABLEs isn’t just about serving delicious ice cream; it’s about changing lives one scoop at a time.

A Sweet Mission

CraveABLEs stands out with its unique mission of providing supported employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Founded by Taylor Perkins, an adaptive special education teacher, CraveABLEs aims to create a positive impact by promoting skill development and challenging societal perceptions. Perkins’ experience in special education and her passion for supporting her students inspired the creation of CraveABLEs, a place where everyone can find meaningful employment and community support.

Delicious Offerings

CraveABLEs serves a variety of mouthwatering ice cream flavors sourced from the local Homestead Creamery. Customers can enjoy classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, as well as unique options like lemon crunch, mint chocolate chip, and key lime pie. With options for dairy-free and no sugar added, there’s something for everyone.

A Community Hub

More than just an ice cream shop, CraveABLEs is a community hub. They frequently collaborate with local organizations and events, offering a welcoming space for all. Their mobile ice cream trailer can be booked for festivals, parties, and corporate events, spreading their mission and delicious ice cream across Lynchburg.

Join the Movement

CraveABLEs thrives on community involvement. You can support their mission by donating, subscribing to their newsletter, or joining the CraveABLEs Club, which offers exclusive discounts and merchandise. Every contribution helps secure jobs for people with intellectual disabilities and fosters a more inclusive community.

Visit CraveABLEs Today

Stop by CraveABLEs at 2608 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24501, and indulge in a sweet treat while supporting a great cause. Follow them on social media for the latest updates and special offers, and be part of a movement that’s making Lynchburg sweeter and more inclusive.

For more information, visit their website.