Discover CraveABLEs: Lynchburg’s Newest Ice Cream Delight

Lynchburg has welcomed a heartwarming new addition to its community: CraveABLEs Ice Cream Shop. Located at 2608 Lakeside Drive, CraveABLEs isn’t just about serving delicious ice cream; it’s about changing lives one scoop at a time. A Sweet Mission CraveABLEs stands out with its unique mission of providing supported employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Founded by Taylor Perkins, […]

Discover Outdoor Activities in Lynchburg for Health and Happiness

At New in Lynchburg, we are passionate about enhancing your well-being by sharing the best activities that Lynchburg has to offer for your body, mind, and soul. Embracing the great outdoors is not only cost-effective but also enriches your life with memorable experiences. Here are some top recommendations for enjoying the natural beauty of Lynchburg. Experience the Liberty University Monogram […]