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Learn all about Lynchburg, VA through NewinLynchburg.com. Have you ever been frustrated about not knowing what to do in Lynchburg, VA? Ever been looking for thing to do on the weekend in Lynchburg only to find out on Monday that there was a great local event that you missed out on?

We have felt the same way, that's why we created newinlynchburg.com. We wanted a place where people in our community could find all the upcoming events, restaurants, and things to do in Lynchburg.

We also wanted to help local businesses get the word out about what they're doing in an affordable way. We help these local businesses by offering affordable digital ads on our site.

Lynchburg, VA is a great place to live, with a strong sense of community. We are proud to be a part of bringing our community together. 

Our Core Values


  • Honesty & Integrity: we strive to do the right thing

  • Quality: we provide value to our customers

  • Teamwork: we collaborate and utilize our strengths

  • Leadership: we seek to be lead by the Lord in every decision

  • Community: we make a positive difference locally