10 halloween safety tips

Rey Gonzalez

Updated: September 2018

For many, Halloween is a time when we get put on best costumes and head out in the neighborhood for some candy. As you go this year, please consider these 10 Halloween safety tips!


1. Be as visible as possible.

Wear reflective costumes, bring a flashlight, and trick or treat in a well-lit neighborhood with lots of street lights. You can also have other gear to make you more visible like reflective tape or a backlit cellphone or watch.

2. Always trick or treat with an adult or in a group.

There is safety in numbers. Never travel alone. Trick or treaters under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Your night will not only be more fun, but also much safer.

3. Follow all traffic laws.

Walk on sidewalks and use crosswalks when available. Don’t cut across yards and always beware of pets. Most trick or treating happens at night and it can be difficult for cars to see you, especially if you are wearing dark clothing. Don’t assume cars can see you.  

4. Don’t wear costumes that obstruct your view.

Or are flowing that can cause you to trip or fall. Try using face paint instead of a mask. This can be more comfortable for a long night of trick or treating and make it easier for you to see.


5. Never go inside of a stranger’s home.

Even if they invite you. This is another reason to have small children (who may not know any better) travel in groups.

6. Only trick or treat in a neighborhood that you are familiar with.

Choose the neighborhood wisely. A good choice would be one that has street lights, houses close together, and light traffic. Remember who you have going with you as well. Small children may tire easily and not be able to walk long distances.  

7. Do not eat any candy until it is inspected by an adult.

It is always a safe practice to allow an adult to look at all of the candy you get on Halloween. This is to make sure that it is unopened and safe to eat. Never eat any candy that has been opened, even if it looks fine to eat. This also gives parents the time to remove candy from young ones that might be a choking hazard.  


8. Plan your route out in advance.

Make sure someone at home knows the exact route you plan to take as well as when you plan on returning. Also, make sure someone in your group has a fully charged cell phone. This will ensure that you get plenty of photos, but also a way to contact someone if there is an emergency or if you need to update you plans.  

9. Wear comfortable shoes.

Double tie shoes with laces to prevent them coming undone and causing a tripping hazard. Your feet will thank you  at the end of the night after all that walking.  

10. Find an alternative.

In our area, there are many alternatives to traditional trick or treating. Many churches have trunk or treat events that are held in the parking lots, which make it much safer. You can also throw your own costume parties and have fun at home. Many communities also hold trick or treating in the local mall when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Bonus Tip:

Bring an extra bag! That way, if the first bag breaks you can still enjoy the night. Better yet, bring a plastic basket—or you can use what I always did, a pillow case!


So here are 10 Halloween Safety Tips—plus a bonus tip—that you will want to consider when trick or treating this year. Share this with everyone you care about this halloween so we can keep our community safe. Have a safe trick or treating experience wherever you are from all of us at NewinLynchburg.com.

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