spring cleaning organization tips

Victorie Norman
April 2019


The weather is getting warmer, which means that it is about the time where everyone wants to get rid of the stench of winter and welcome spring with a clean, living space. It is always hard to know how and what to organize. I used to have no idea where to start when it came to spring cleaning. However, living in a small dorm room for the last several months, I learned a few tricks about managing my space well.


Having good shelving is a great way to maximize space and get rid of clutter. Shelves are usually not bulky. Shelves can be made from planks of sturdy wood or bought pre-made. Stores like 5 Below have mini wall shelves for around three to five dollars. I personally use locker shelves in my dorm and they work great. Although the type of shelf is important, the more important thing is how you use the shelving. Shelves are meant to serve a function as well as decoration. Put things like books, bags, and anything else that used to clutter up the floor onto the shelves. Once you do that, you can put decoration around your organized items.


Mirrors are a great way to make small spaces seem bigger. Mirrors are an excellent way to add depth to rooms. The way that the light reflects off of mirrors can create a cool effect and seeing the room reflect in them can cause the illusion of a bigger room. This is a great option to open up a room if it still feels small or cluttered after organizing.

Drawer Organizers

Drawers of any kind can turn into a mess the minute that you start looking for something. Using drawer organizers can save time and limit frustration. These can be store bought or homemade. I tend to make mine because it is fun and saves money. Homemade does not necessarily mean a craft. I tend to have extra jewelry giftboxes and other little boxes that make amazing organizers. Pens, bobby pins, and chargers are some of the items that are good to organize into your drawer organizers. Bigger organizers can be used in clothing drawers for socks, workout gear, and scarves. Keeping your drawers more organized can clear off countertops and desk space.


Labeling can become your best organizational friend. It is very easy to forget where you put things after straightening a space. If this happens, try labeling different closed compartments like cabinets and drawers. This way you don’t forget where you put things and where new things will go in the future.

Organizing does not have to feel stressful if you have the correct tools and music for the job. Use this time to get your mind and room set for the spring and summer seasons. Decluttering your room can make your life seem less cluttered. You will be able to wake up to an organized room and enjoy the nice weather with a clearer mind.